Surely born in China with the invention of paper, origami was first used to conserve things or for religious ceremonies.
However, it is quite recently that the wonderful possibilities folding a square of paper without cutting it offered were discovered. Akira Yoshizawa was the first to really explore these possibilities and invented the way to explain how to fold an origami model with the origami diagrams. Origami has evolved since with the apparition of always better new creators, like Satoshi Kamiya, Neal Elias, Joseph Wu, Hideo Komatsu, Nicolas Terry, Eric Joisel and many other. It is now theorized by Robert Lang and his Tree Theorem, that allows to create anything in origami, and there is a new method to show how to do a model
which consists of only showing the folds of the paper, called crease patterns. It is more difficult to fold
from crease patterns but it is much easier for the creator to draw than diagrams.
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